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Welcome to IWC!

We are here to help you walk the path to wellness for life. Yes, it will require work and making right decisions. Even though learning how to become well may cause momentary discomfort, the long term benefits are worth it! You CAN enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishing wellness physically, emotionally and spiritually-for that’s what we are made of and we are given only one physical body to live in. If you are committed to your health, we will commit ourselves to helping you. We will walk with you through the good and bad times.

We challenge you to make this commitment to yourself. You are worth it!

You are precious in God’s sight and I personally welcome you and consider it an honor to care for you.



Dr. Susanna Sun Choi




We are currently offering limited in-office appointments with Dr. Choi and our BioMeridian Providers.

We are also offering Telehealth appointments with Dr. Choi! Call 303-805-1264 to schedule.

We do ask, however, that patients call before coming to the office when ordering supplements.

We will take your order and payment over the phone and you can pick up your order at the door.

Our reduced COVID hours are:

Monday through Thursday from 8am to 3pm and on Fridays from 8am to 5pm (closed from 12-1pm all week).

Click here for our recommendations for flu prevention


IWC Memberships



Our membership packages have been very successful. Our patients are saying that having a payment plan option with a supplement discount is just what they needed to help them stay accountable. Ask us today on how we can help you on your journey to wellness!

We are excited to launch a whole body workout at IWC!

The Whole Body Vibration Machine is meant to stimulate your lymphatic system, boost your metabolism, boost immune system, and to help your body eliminate toxins, thus beneficial to your overall health.

Call today to schedule a FREE trial!


Do you have a Bio Meridian Loyalty Card?

Complete three Bio Meridian visits, receive your third visit at 10% off!

Remember to bring your loyalty card to every visit to be initialed by an IWC staff member.

**Cannot be combined with Bio Meridian Membership Packages**

Is your teenage daughter dealing with nutritional or hormone issues?  Bring her in for Bio Meridian Testing!  We’ll do our best to help her on her way to becoming healthier and happier!


*Due to many of our staff and patients who have chemical sensitivities,
please avoid wearing anything scented the day of your visit.

All patients must have an annual consultation with Dr. Choi to continue to receive

alternative services in our office, receive any letters or to receive medication refills.

Patients must be current on testing of supplements to receive a letter of medical necessity.

We are a Gynecology and Functional Medicine Provider and not a Primary Care Provider (PCP).