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About Our Team

bios_03Susanna Sun Choi, M.D.

Dr. Choi earned her B.A. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of Colorado—Boulder; she earned her M.D. from the University of Colorado Medical Center in Denver in 1980, served a surgery internship at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and her OB/GYN residency at St. Joseph Hospital—Denver. She has been in private practice since 1984 and is board certified in OB/GYN. Dr. Choi has always had a passion for treating comprehensively the whole person—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual; she is board certified from the American Board of Integrative & Holistic medicine and is a member of ACAM.

Dr. Choi has been married to her husband, Jay since 1979 and has three sons. She has been to several medical mission trips to Pakistan, Cambodia, and North Korea, and China. Dr. Choi is bilingual in Korean and English.




Kristin Bell
Practice Manager

Kristin has worked in the medical field for several years and has a passion for helping others. She is always looking for ways to further her knowledge when it comes to alternative treatments. She loves working at IWC because she fully believes in the power of healing through natural sources and she loves to see patients feeling better than when they first came in.

Kristin moved to Colorado with her family in 2004, after living in California most of her life. She is married and has three daughters; Kendra, Alexis, and Makayla. She enjoys volunteering, gardening, and crafting in her spare time.




Connie J. Wright, NA, BeP, MBe
BioEnergetic Practioner

Connie completed her training for BioEnergetic Practitioner, then later obtained her Masters in BioEnergetics from the Academy of BioEnergetics in 2004. The Academy of BioEnergetics is accredited by “AADP”, the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She has worked with Dr. Choi since 2001.

Since graduation she has attended courses and has extensively studied the following areas:

– Acid/Alkaline Balance
– Addiction
– Auto-Immune issues/Immunization theory
                     – Autism/ADD/ADHD
                     – Candidiasis/Environmental Mold
                     – Detoxification
                     – Emotional roots of disease/Stress-Disease connection
                     – Enzymes for digestion and other uses
                     – Female & Male hormone function
                     – Gluten Intolerance/Celiac Disease
                     – Hemochromatosis
                     – Homeopathy
                     – mHBOT- mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & use
                     – Neuro-Biology and Neurotransmitter balance
                     – Thyroid Function
                     – Weight Loss theories/ Leptin/ hCG
                     – Diets: Adkins, Leptin, Paleo, Raw food, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Vegetarian

Connie completed her Nurse Assistant certificate from Azusa Pacific College in 1974, then went on to raise her family of two grown sons and a daughter. She is grandmother to four grandsons and two granddaughters.



Sheri Aspinall20130726_103619-1
BioMeridian Technician

After leaving the corporate medical environment, Sheri now enjoys the ability to assist others in obtaining optimal wellness at IWC and is pleased to be a part of the BioMeridian department.  It has become her passion to help patients with different areas of their health.  Her specialty includes: BioMeridian testing, diet teaching (Yeast, Paleo, and Gluten Free), Candidiasis, Hormones, Food Allergies, and overall health.  Sheri provides compassionate care and aims towards helping patients find balance and wellness in their lives.

Sheri has a love for the outdoors, and in her free time is often hiking on Colorado’s beautiful trails with her fiancé, Rob, and their dog, Buckley.  Sheri is the proud grandmother of her two fantastic grandkids Magnus and Lily.



20140710_165226 (2)Christi Stoican, BSN, ANP
BioMeridian Technician/Nurse Practitioner

Christi Stoican is an Adult Nurse Practitioner.  She graduated from the University of Colorado Health Science Center in December of 2008.  Prior to getting her Nurse Practitioner degree she worked as a registered nurse.   Her first year as a nurse she worked at Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital on the Cardiac floor .  Christi then switched specialties and started working as an allergy and asthma nurse.   After graduating with her masters in Nursing she continued working with Allergies, Asthma, and Digestion as a Nurse Practitioner for a year and a half.

Christi has also worked in natural health care off and on from 2002 to May 2014 and has been performing BioMeridian and EAV testing since 2006.  She has treated a variety of health issues using natural modalities; including fatigue, digestion, joints, pain, headaches, allergies, candida, bacteria, parasites, hormones, viruses, emotions (anxiety/depression) and much more.  She has taken many seminars associated with natural healing and uses a variety of techniques she has learned through the years.  Christi’s desire is to get to the root of the issue for complete healing and abundant health.



Monica Young Ferguson, RN, L.Ac, LEMonica

While growing up in Korea, Monica Young Ferguson saw many different natural methods of healing regimens and was greatly influenced by her father, who also practices Traditional Asian medicine. Her passion for healing drove her to later pursue a Master of Science in Acupuncture from CSTCM (Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine) in 2014. Her degree includes training in acupuncture, auriculotherapy, moxibustion, cupping, tuina, electro stimulation, and nutrition therapy.

Monica is certified as a Diplomate in Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and also holds a certification in clean needle technique from the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM). She is as a Licensed Acupuncturist ( L. Ac. ) by the state of Colorado and a member of the Acupuncture Association of Colorado. Monica also works as a Registered Nurse with over 25 years of nursing experience working in several medical hospitals in the U.S., as well as Switzerland and Germany. In 2015, she obtained her license as an Esthetician. She is fluent in three languages: English, Korean, and German.

“It is my passion to see my clients improve their health and well-being with acupuncture and other modalities of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). I am happy to be an addition to the Integrated Wellness Center.”



DonnaGardner-005web (3)Donna DiStefano Gardner, CMT, RMT, CLDMT, HT
Massage Therapist

Your personal health and well-being are influenced and affected by stresses and conditions of your environment.  The art and work of massage therapy balances your autonomic nervous system to assist you in achieving homeostasis – a more perfectly working body.  Visit Donna to experience how massage can uplift your spirit and calm your body.  Lymphatic drainage massage assists the body in enhancing its immune function and removing toxins.  It is especially helpful pre or post-surgery and to reduce inflammation.  This is a gentle technique that is relaxing and effective.  Polarity balances meridians and assists in achieving balance and clarity.  See for yourself!

Swedish massage – Perfect for Relaxation; this technique enhances circulation; Lymphatic Drainage Massage enhances immunity and removes toxins; Deep Tissue Massage stimulates muscles to heal and return to optimal condition;  Polarity Therapy works as an energy optimizing modality.

Reliable and sensitive to client’s needs, Donna is a conscientious worker.  She prides myself on achieving high client satisfaction and being attentive to the needs of her clients.


Billing Specialist

Jen has worked in the medical field since 2002 and has worked in various roles for Dr. Choi since 2006. Jen is now IWC’s billing specialist.  She has extensive experience with integrative medicine, holistic care, and food sensitivities.  Jen worked for a number of years in the BioMeridian department and has maintained being gluten free, soy free, and dairy free for many years; this lifestyle change completely changed her life and has allowed her to use her own personal experience to reach out and help, encourage, and inspire our patients to make necessary changes for their own health.

Jen grew up in a large family in New England before becoming an army wife and moving to Japan and Alaska. She and her husband have called Colorado home since 2005. Jen enjoys spending time with her grown daughter and extended family in Colorado and loves working with the great staff at IWC!



Medical Assistant

Shelby received her Medical Assistant Diploma from Everest College in Aurora in 2013.  She has been working with Dr. Choi since 2014 and absolutely loves becoming familiar with Holistic medicine and the GYN practice.  Shelby is currently in the process of studying to get her American Association of Medical Assisting Certification.

Shelby has many clinical skills which include venipuncture, injections, wound care, and assisting with office procedures.  She uses her previous customer service skills to become familiar with patients and help provide quality care whenever she is able.  She believes that the best part of her day comes from sending patients home in better condition than when they arrived.

In her spare time, Shelby enjoys spending time with friends and family and going hiking and camping in the mountains.  She has a wonderful boyfriend, Luis, and a sweet as can be pitbull puppy named Roxie.



Rachel Web Pic2Rachel
Medical Assistant

Rachel started medical school at Heritage College in 2013 and graduated with an Associates Degree in Medical Assisting and Radiology. She began working with Dr. Choi in 2015 and has since then grown so much in the knowledge of the GYN practice, as well as Alternative and Holistic Medicine.

One of the goals in Rachel’s life is to bring a smile to every ones face, no matter who you are. She believes that treating patients with respect and having sympathy for each person is very important and is a top priority of her every day life.

In her spare time, she enjoys running, knitting and hanging out with her darling boyfriend, Dylan, as well as her family and friends.



Front Desk

Kelly has six years of Front Desk experience in the medical field. Being able to meet and to welcome patients are aspects that Kelly find the most rewarding about her job.  She is invested in providing the best care and support for our patients’ health and wellness.  Kelly finds that the connections made with patients is very special and is enthusiastic about meeting our patients here at IWC.

After being out of state for over 20 years, Kelly is finally back home.  She moved here April 2010 and is elated to be back in beautiful Colorado with her family.  Kelly and her amazing husband have two wonderful children, Conner and Casi.  They love to go snowmobiling, camping, biking, and traveling.