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“I have used the HBOT for post-op healing after two different surgeries now. Normal anti-inflammatory meds don’t work on me and the HBOT was the ONLY thing that got the swelling out and improved my healing. I had a very slow healing process, and was not progressing like I should. Dr. Choi suggested the HBOT (I know this therapy is used for severe wound treatments), so I gave it a try. After 4 treatments I had a 70% improvement in my range of motion and pain relief (this put me at about 95% or normal function overall). So when I knew I was going to have another surgery, I knew the HBOT was going to be part of my recovery plan. It’s such a simple, painless, and relaxing treatment that provides so many beneficial properties. I would whole heartedly recommend to anyone (for many different treatments).” ~Anonymous

“I came to Dr. Choi with severe migraines, high blood pressure, and a lot of yeast.  I did not know it was affecting my moods, fatigue, energy, and ability to lose weight.  After my Bio Meridian test, and Dr. Choi’s recommendations, I feel 1000% better. I have lost weight, & have more energy. I look and feel 20 years younger.”  ~ L. Micek

“Dr. Choi & the Bio Meridian staff have made a huge difference on my path to health. The Bio feedback and additional insight into wellness has helped me lose weight, alleviate fatigue, and find energy I didn’t know I had.”  ~ P. Lessard

“IWC responds to my healthcare needs using a comprehensive approach.  The staff helps me to live a healthier lifestyle by informing me of healthy living choices.  The staff is compassionate, competent, and stays on the cutting edge of medical and nutritional advances.  Great physician and staff!” ~K. Linden

“I was recommended to Dr. Choi by a friend who had extreme success and I remember crying in the office to Jen because I was feeling so overwhelmed by my symptoms & also having so many food restrictions.  She & the entire staff were so sweet to give me suggestions & support to get me through the hardest part.  I wasn’t perfect in my diet, but I tried really hard to follow the steps Dr. Choi & Sheri had laid out for me. Today I came in for another appt. and I’m all cleared of my yeast after 6 months!! I feel so much better! I know that if I can do it, anyone can get better with the expertise of Integrated Wellness!” ~M. Shepherd

“I started with Dr. Choi nearly 16 years ago after a lifetime battle with headaches & migraines.  Through the data from the BioMeridian I started the candida diet.  My health greatly improved and when I have issues they are spot on in identifying the cause. Because of Dr. Choi’s philosophies & incredible staff, I am now more in control of how full & healthy my life can be!” ~V. Herder

“Through going to HBOT & BioMeridian & with all the consultation of Dr. Choi I am getting more healthy than I have been for years. I had knee issues for years with arthritis so in Jan. ’15 I had one knee replacement. In July ’15 when I first came to Dr. Choi I still had swelling & inflammation. I had a cough for over 30 years which had gotten progressively worse. After Dr. Choi put me on a special diet for yeast overgrowth syndrome and going to HBOT, the symptoms were disappearing after 2 weeks. I had other knee replacement being in much better health.  Recovery is happening faster & with more ease with HBOT & diet.” ~D. Rowe

“We both did the Bio Meridian Evaluation last year. We followed the nutritional recommendations that Christi suggested to us after reviewing our individual test results. The outcome has been amazing for both of us…life changing! We each lost almost 30 pounds, thus far, and our over all health has dramatically improved. We highly recommend Integrated Wellness Center and the Bio Meridian Evaluation.” ~ M. & B. Steinhorst

“After 9 sessions of mHBOT I have noticed that my ability to focus and follow through on major tasks and projects has improved. My chiropractor is extremely impressed with an increase in my energy flow, muscle strength and flexibility.” ~ S. Ray

“It’s only been 3 weeks and I already feel much better! My body is starting to be tired at night (& getting a good night’s sleep is huge) & I am waking up rested & without an alarm. Makes it much easier for me to continue making good decisions to improve my health. Thank you!” ~ L. Nielsen